Clinical Psychologist

" Our trials and tribulations should not be perceived as either black or white.  It should be embraced with its hues of colours that enrich our everyday experiences, For with every trial we grow stronger and with every tribulation we become braver…to face a new day…"

Clinical Psychologist
MA Clin Psych (Unisa)
BSc Hons (Psy) (Unisa)
HPCSA No.: 0131539
Practice No.: 0697826


South Africa, a land of vast indigenous knowledge, traditional belief systems and a rich, cultural domain. In acknowledging the above statement, I take cognizance of what it means to be a psychologist working within a South African context. As a clinical psychologist, I am continually moving from a state of being to becoming whenever I have the opportunity to consult with clients and get to learn about their cultural contexts and belief systems which enriches my clinical practice. This is of paramount importance to me as it assists me to respect, understand and work with my clients from their frames of reference.

In trying to understand ourselves and the world we live in, we as South Africans have ventured in and out of the psychological arena attempting to explore various approaches that could assist us reduce if not alleviate the stressors of daily life. Hence, psychology has come to play an integral role in the way we understand and perceive human behaviour within a normative society.

Having trained in systems theory and in understanding that systems theory can be used in conjunction with other psychological approaches, it is on this premise that I base my therapeutic interventions. By using the client’s cultural context and frame of reference as a guide, I tend to link various psychological approaches within a systemic framework so that the client experiences an effective and holistic therapeutic process. I am of the belief that the approach used in therapy needs to form a fit with the client’s needs if the therapeutic process is to be effective. My clients are able to understand themselves and their behaviours with due consideration to the impact it may have on them and their significant others.

My clients are able to explore and define their roles within their cultural contexts and belief systems whilst expressing themselves freely within a safe and therapeutic space. They are able to explore, understand and make sense of behaviours and systems that may be the result of the psychological distress they are experiencing.